This special session has a tight grip on my heart. I have so much love for these two, and the fact I was chosen to be there blows me away. 

Paris, France

Stephanie & Clay

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Whenever I am able, I LOVE to turn moments into lasting memories. For me, especially as a mom who cannot believe how fast the last five years have gone, it is so special to freeze time as much as I can. I truly believe my clients want the same thing. Sure, that perfect photo for […]

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It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera...they are made with the eye, heart & head." 
-Henri Cartier- Bresson

Hi! I am Brenda, the woman behind the camera. I will excitedly wave to you and shout "hey!" as soon as we meet, and I will act like we have been friends forever. I will talk and laugh with you through the duration. Your semi-reluctant photo companion will even tell you at the end of our session that is wasn't so bad after all! I started Brenda Price Photography in 2018 after my second daughter was born. Photography has been a lifelong love of mine, but it took until I saw firsthand how fleeting the moments were that I truly worked to learn what I loved. I always begged my parents for disposable cameras as a kid. I filled those camera rolls in about 5 minutes of all of my treasured things. I always took photos of my friends, pets, flowers, siblings- whoever would let me! Now as I have a family of my own, I take endless portraits of them. 

I love to take portraits of the big moments and the small moments. I have a tendency of grabbing photos of moments you may not have noticed were happening. I love to tell a story in my portraits. A love story. YOUR love story. No matter who it is with, how many people are involved, it is all worth documenting. Time does go by so fast and it is worth an investment in quality portraits, because before long- photos are all that will remain of a chapter of your life. You will not be a jittery, emotional bride again. Pregnancy only lasts nine months, and a newborn changes in a blink of an eye. Your kids will loose teeth, skin knees and grow to your height in no time. Your parents will age and leave you. You will never regret having photos of your loved ones and beautiful memories captured. 

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