This special session has a tight grip on my heart. I have so much love for these two, and the fact I was chosen to be there blows me away. 

Paris, France

Stephanie & Clay

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Well, you’ve seen my triplet sister and her cute family. Now meet my oldest sister, Bridgette and her darling family! Bridgette and Mike met in high school back in 2006, they were married four years later in 2010. Landon arrived late 2013, and Killian a few years later in 2016. Landon and Killian were the […]

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Kevin went back to Germany in April, and the girls and I stayed in Illinois. We counted down the days until we would be back together! Military separations are hard and often it is missing the important days, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries. Kevin and I made a plan to reunite two different times during our five […]


Okay you guys, meet some of the SWEETEST people ever, Sam & Lauren. I will start this post with the disclaimer that I was SO NERVOUS going into this session. Backstory, Lauren’s mom was my kindergarten, first grade, 7th & 8th grade teacher. So, I have had a lot of interaction with the Trimble side […]

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It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera...they are made with the eye, heart & head." 
-Henri Cartier- Bresson

I am so happy to meet you! I am so glad that you discovered my little corner of the internet.  I am so lucky to get to work with wedding clients and vacationers across the United States & Europe to curate and document their very own, special love story. 

I am an enneagram type two- the helper. I have never related to something so much in my life. I strive to allow for the best client experience and I am always ready to help no matter what. Sometimes that looks like steaming a bridesmaid dress, finding extra earring backs, fluffing your veil, or even bobby-pinning a rogue hair back in place. Don't worry guys, I got your backs too. I know it is important to find the ice to keep the drinks cold on the wedding day, attach a boutonniere, and even help the best man with his last minute speech. (Hey, I was a communications major in college- I know how to pull off a last minute spew of words!) I am always here to make things go seamlessly. 

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