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This post is so special to me, because it is my very own brother, Steven, his wife, Adrienne, and their adorable son Nate, my third out of four, nephew. Nate is only five months younger than Allie. It is so sweet to see your siblings’ kids close in age with your own babies! When I […]

I connected with Miss Whitney on Facebook. She was looking for a chance to model for some photographers. I was also looking to add more madly in love couples to my current portfolio, so it was perfect! We spent many days messaging each other back and forth, and realizing we had a lot in common! […]

As an Army kid, then wife, I have always been a sap about military homecomings. I could watch those videos on YouTube for days and just sob like a big old baby. There was even a show on Lifetime called Coming Home and it had Matt Rogers as the host and I watched it religiously […]

I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Sugar Hill Studio in Longmont this weekend with my girls (and Kevin). We went because I saw their STUNNING studio setup on a friend’s (Hello Danielle Roth Photography) instagram account. I booked the studio for Sunday morning to see if I could get the girls to cooperate for […]

Okay, I am a few days late for this one, but life with two little girls under three is BUSY. I am currently listening to Allie ask me if I will come with her to go potty. Apparently she doesn’t want to get lonely. Keep in mind she’s been potty trained for almost a year […]

I have been told to start a blog for awhile now, and especially as a photographer, I find it useful and a fun way to showcase my current and past clients while telling their story. Now, this blog will be about my family & Army life too. I am looking forward to using this medium […]

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