The Brenda Price Experience

What can you expect from a photoshoot with Brenda Price Photography? Well, for one, you can count on some amazing, romantic, light and dreamy images. But, more importantly, you will spend time with someone who is truly passionate about her job, and making you feel comfortable. 

There will be no pressure to look like a model or pose like one, we are going to get those natural, genuine and emotional photos with no stress. We are going to talk like you have known me your entire life, even if we just hugged hello and met in person for the first time in the parking lot by your car. Your experience with me will include laughing as we walk to location, telling me your story, and sharing your love in front of someone who loves love! 

When I see your love story unfolding in front of me, the raw emotion of love from your eyes as you look at each other, my heart soars and I can’t help but squeal as the photo turns out almost as perfect as the two of you. 

You chose me because you wanted someone down to earth, there to cheer you on and tell your story. You matter, your love matters, these every day moments, they matter too. So, let's connect! And let's spend this time together being perfectly ordinary and amazing.


You want some time to find the perfect location, outfits and mood for your engagement session. I am here to help! I guide my clients through the process with access to styling and location ideas. We will work together to discover each element to create the engagement session that allows you both to feel 100% yourselves and spend time highlighting your love and joy for each other. 

*engagement sessions are complimentary with a wedding day package. 

Starting at $400


On your wedding day, you need someone on your side who keeps it stress free without missing a detail! And all with a smile on their face! I am your girl! I create custom timelines to ensure every moment of the day is captured, easy and stress free. I am there while you get ready with your bridal party, seeing each other for the first time, that first kiss as husband and wife, and for all of the laughter and love shared throughout the day! I am there making sure your day is captured exactly the way you have always wanted.

Starting at $2500


Elopements are a special time just the two of you. Off to the mountains, down by the beach, wherever you choose to do it, you need someone there to help freeze those moments in time. I am there for you! Spending time just the two of you on your special day allows for some amazing time spent together celebrating your love. The day revolves around creating the images that speak to your love story, however you envision it! 

Starting at $1000


After viewing your portfolio it was a no brainer and I knew right away choosing you as our photographer would deliver the images I had been searching to find and create to showcase our family’s story. Your website is professional, clean, bright and welcoming. Your ability to capture emotion and the way your images speak such connection and love among your clients. Brenda was so relaxed and kept giving the sweetest compliments of how great the shots were coming out, even when my husband was in his “over pictures mood.”

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Ryan & ALYE

The natural lighting in your photographs is amazing. I also like how people looked at ease and not super posed, but just natural. Working with you was great! We were nervous about working with a "stranger" and trusting that you could capture us as we are. Needless to say, that was a silly. I felt like we had known Brenda forever. We had to do a little hiking for our shoot and we just laughed the whole time, it didn't even feel like we were strangers. Brenda has been one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. She is sweet, funny and really cares about her clients and that they get spectacular photographs. 

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Morgan & Brenda

Your profile was so bright and beautiful! I loved seeing a little bit of everything, from all the family photos, to engagement photos, weddings, everything! A very amazing all rounded photographer!!! 
You were on top of everything!! Making everything all come together! 
You constantly made us laugh and smile! Made us feel confident even though we hardly ever take pictures! You guided us through everything and made us super comfortable!!My favorite part about the session was the laughs and your spontaneous personality!!! I loved being with you every step of the shoot!!! You were amazing I can’t thank you enough for everything I absolutely love the photos!! Josh and I had so much fun!!!

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Josh & Trista

Brenda’s photography services really stood out to us because of how passionate she is about photography. I know that for my Husband and I, Brenda’s photographs will be cherished and passed on to posterity. Brenda is worth it if you truly want priceless photographs that will transcend time. Brenda’s sheer joy and love for photography have made us constantly return to her. We have consistently chosen Brenda over other photographers because of how wonderful not only her services are, but she herself. My favorite part about all the time spent with Brenda is all the laughing and smiling! We always chat and joke when we shoot together, which makes it an absolute blast!! You want Brenda if you want a positive experience with photos worthy of being defined as art. 

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Eric & Ellie


I want to be a part of your story.  Every moment deserves to be captured, every love deserves its story being told. 

I want to capture the moments leading up to your first kiss as husband and wife. I want you to ensure you never forget the look on your husband-to-be's face as he saw you for the first time on your wedding day. I want you to relish the look of joy as you danced the night away celebrating your love on your wedding day. I don't want you to miss reliving the emotions of the best day of your life. The laughter shared with those closest to you, the emotions as your parents watch their babies get married, the joy you feel as you FINALLY get to be married!


stephan and amber

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