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That time we wore BLACK for our Christmas card portraits

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I did something strange for me this year. I chose DARK colors for our Christmas cards. And not just dark, but BLACK! I had a vision of timeless, classic beautiful photos against a gorgeous light/white location. I wanted something dramatic and started our hunt for castles and clothes. Thankfully Germany is full of castles, so I knew we would have great options.

The girls dresses I knew where I would be buying from. Ivy City Co has been a company I have shopped at before and LOVED, and they had gorgeous black dresses for little girls, but also adults. I ended up choosing my dress from Baltic Born, but Allie & Raegan both had Ivy City Co dresses.

Last year we were literally HARASSED in public about freezing our children so I wanted sleeves for both of them (they both had sleeves last year too). However Allie picked this short sleeve dress and Rae went sheer with this one! So, no warmth for either of them. Hooray. At least no one badgered us this time. Both of their shoes were from amazon, I just searched for black dress flats and went with the sparkly ones!

They both look so grown up and elegant. I couldn’t believe the little girls before my eyes were MY little girls! I got nostalgic thinking about how one day they would be walking toward me in wedding dresses and holy cow, tears started flowing. Allie is 5 and Raegan is 4, so I don’t have to panic yet, but I still see them as the little potato babies that they were!

They were excited to walk up and down the stairs because it made them feel like queens! So up and down we went!

Yes, that is a BILLION photos to look through, but honestly- THEY WERE ALL SO GOOD! How was I supposed to choose?! I am beyond thrilled with how our photos turned out this year. A far cry from the TWO I got from last years session.

Can you believe we wore black? What is your take on it? Great, or should I have stuck with a softer color like we usually do? Let me know in the comments!

Take the photos my friends, if not, hire me to do it for you. I will ensure that you have gorgeous portraits to treasure on for years to come.

xoxoxoxox- Brenda

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