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Sheppard: Family of Five

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Well, you’ve seen my triplet sister and her cute family. Now meet my oldest sister, Bridgette and her darling family! Bridgette and Mike met in high school back in 2006, they were married four years later in 2010.

Landon arrived late 2013, and Killian a few years later in 2016. Landon and Killian were the first grandkids, and nephews on our side. We had fun loving on, changing diapers, and playing with the boys. I spent a lot of time with Landon when he was a baby,. I had graduated college a few weeks prior to his birth and I was able to go to hang out with them quite a bit

By the time Killian arrived, I was in Texas and then Colorado a few months later. I didn’t get to see Killian as much. Shortly after Killian’s first birthday I was pregnant with Allie. The practice I had with the boys gave me a head start on how to handle my own little one!

Brooke arrived in 2019, and she was the third grand-daughter. By then, I had my two girls so Bridgette was coming to me asking me about girl things! She wasn’t used to the girl personalities and needs!

This spring/summer we all were able to spend more time together. I got to catch up on what was cool to six and eight year olds. I learned so much about Pokemon that I never knew! And Brooke loved having girl company for dress up and dolls. We had sleepovers where Uncle Mike made famous chocolate pancakes, and the cousins laughed and screamed more than anyone’s eardrums could handle. Family time is so special for the cousins (and sisters). They begged to see each other all the time!

Finally as our time in the states came to an end, we made a plan for their family session. We planned for the last week I was in town. Specifically, two days before I left. We all had such a busy summer that it was the only time we could work out!

Luckily the location was just down the road from their house and we were able to get gorgeous portraits of them all. I was able to work through individuals, siblings together, all five of them and even some of just mom and dad!

The portraits came out wonderful and I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend with them! I love you Sheppard Family!

xoxoxoxoxox- Brenda

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