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Taetzsch Lifestyle Newborn:

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One day Kevin came home from work and said “hey I have someone who may be reaching out to you for photos. His wife is pregnant.” “Okay….so am I doing maternity? Newborn, what?” “I don’t know babe, I just gave him your website and he said he would have his wife reach out.” Ah, men.

A few weeks later, Kylie (the wife) DID reach out. They had their sweet daughter, Reese and messaged me from the hospital! Well, that eliminated maternity photos, newborn portraits it is! After Kylie went through my website she felt we would be a good fit and was excited to move forward.

Her husband was going to leave for awhile so she wanted to make sure the portraits were done prior to his departure. Their session was planned for mid October. Unfortunately, the weather in Germany is a fickle thing. Basically, it will be raining on the days it is supposed to be sunny and sunny on the rain days. So we talked about possible rain dates.

Of course on the last possible day I could shoot (her husband was leaving the next day), we had dark heavy clouds and rain. However, I knew we would be fine, you can do indoor newborn portraits on a rainy day, even if it less than ideal.

When I arrived at the Taetzch’s home, I was thrilled with the amount of windows! There was natural light everywhere! I knew I could make this work for their newborn portraits. Then I met sweet tiny Reese and the camera is in love with her.

I was able to work in their living room and master bedroom with great results. Kylie and I talked about motherhood, the new adventures, and her family. She told me that her parents were coming in to meet the first grandbaby that afternoon from Kansas. I am sure they fell. in love with her immediately. Kylie & Calvin are naturals and so at ease with this new adjustment and each other! And just LOOK at their love for each other. It screams through. Reese is such a lucky little girl, as they are lucky parents.

Reese is such a calm baby. I had no problems with her! Amazingly, Reese slept and relaxed 80% of the session. She only fussed ONE TIME! Unheard of for a newborn! Once we walked to the next location, and she had some milk she was good to go again.

And go we did. The second location had gorgeous fall leaves. I was thrilled with the color and diversity! A beautiful pond, trees, and of course, yellow leaves everywhere!

Kylie, Calvin & Reese, your family is beautiful and I am so thankful for the time we were able to spend together!

xoxoxox- Brenda

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