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Bethany & Joe: 1st Anniversary Session

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Meet Bethany & Joe! These two were referred to me from a previous client (who was recently featured on this blog)! Whenever a previous client refers someone to me, I do a happy dance! It means I have previously made a connection and gave a wonderful experience. I was informed that these two would be so sweet and we would have a blast. Undoubtably, they were absolutely right! Bethany reached out months before I would be in Colorado to cement their date and time. We followed each other on instagram and connected several times. As the session got closer, Bethany and I sent voice messages in the whirlwind days (and hours) leading up to their session. We clicked right away and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with them.

I met with Bethany & Joe in Colorado Springs on their first wedding anniversary. We had so much fun wandering through Red Rock Canyon Open Space and later, Garden of the Gods. These two SHOWED UP for their session. They naturally fell into sweet poses and I could sense their love and comfort together. They told me about the dancing classes they had taken together, so of course I had them show me some moves. Their outfits were wonderful and they looked amazing in the scenic locations they had chosen.

Their session was the evening after Josh & Trista’s wedding and I felt like I was missing half of my brain. They took my random weird sentences in stride and they didn’t even laugh at me when I wasn’t able to stammer out what my brain wanted to say! Wedding hangover for vendors is real, I felt like my brain was a mush pit! Thankfully these two gave me all the grace and allowed my half functioning brain to not bother them. We ended up capturing beautiful moments between them, gorgeous portraits to treasure for years to come.

How did you and your husband to be meet?
We originally met in a Christian college ministry called the Navigators at UCCS and reconnected over social media a few years later.

Tell me about yourselves: jobs, hobbies, etc
I just graduated from college with a degree in early childhood education and have worked as an assistant teacher. Joe is a software engineer. We love hiking, walking, reading, studying the Bible, watching movies, and playing video games together.

Tell me about your personalities! Are you peas in a pod or total opposites?
We are both introverts, though I tend to be more social and emotionally minded. I am an Enneagram 2w1 and an ISFJ on the Meyer Briggs. Joe is very logical and a problem-solver who loves to solve puzzles. He is an Enneagram 5w6 and an INTP on the Meyer Briggs.

Tell me your love story!
We met in passing at a college ministry. Had several mutual friends but never connected. Followed each other on Instagram, he made a post with a cheesy pun – I saw it and felt the need to comment. Puns and dad jokes are my weakness. The rest is history. 🙂

How long did you date before you knew he/she was the one?
About 6 months, we both had prior relationship experience and knew what we were looking for.

What do you admire most about each other?
How both of us are loving, hardworking, intelligent, and have a warped sense of humor.

What is the ONE thing you want to remember most about your love story?
About how we continually choose to love and encourage one another.

What is your ideal date night? Night on the town, or snuggle on the couch?
Getting dinner, a walk, then enjoying a nice glass of wine and cuddling at home with a favorite show.

Bethany & Joe, I had a wonderful time with you both. I hope you guys enjoyed your date night after our session. I am so thankful I was able to meet you and can’t wait to work with you in the future!

xoxoxoxox- Brenda

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