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Josh & Trista: The Wedding

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Are you guys ready for this? I mean, seriously. These two have the TIGHTEST grip on my heart and I am SO beyond honored with the friendship I share with them. This post is so portrait heavy because I COULD NOT CHOOSE my favorites.

I met Trista in February of 2020. She answered my plea for a hairstylist to do my hair for a shoot at the Dillon Ice Castles. We met EARLY the morning of a snow storm, and she was so sweet and kind (and obviously talented) that I decided to reach out to her salon (Honeycomb Hair Salon) to schedule a cut and color. She did a wonderful job and she became such a wonderful friend over the coming months, we truly forged a close friendship.

I asked her if her and her boyfriend, Josh, wanted to do some modeling for me. They hadn’t had any professional portraits done, and they worked with me for a few fun shoots. I met Josh and loved him right away. The way they joke and laugh, but also deeply love resonated with me. It made my heart happy to see their obvious love and respect for each other shine.

As time went on, Trista and I kept discussing the possibility of a proposal and if it were forthcoming. After two shoots with nothing, we were getting disheartened. October 2020, Josh reached out to me letting me know that he had purchased a ring for Trista and wanted me to help organize something special for the proposal.

I reached out to several of my friends in the industry and we made a beautiful surprise proposal happen! It was a gorgeous day and we truly pulled off a complete shock for Trista!

From the get go, Josh & Trista told me no matter what, I would be their photographer. Since I was moving to Germany, I wasn’t sure if they wanted to keep me as their chosen vendor. They assured me, I WOULD be their photographer on September 4th 2022. They even included our daughters as flower girls.

We did their beautiful OFFICIAL engagement portraits prior to our move to Germany, and then I saw them for the first time in over a year May 2022. We got to have dinner and catch up, and we got to discuss wedding plans!

Finally the wedding day arrived, we had gorgeous weather, and beautiful friends and family to celebrate the love these two share. We arrived at Bonnie Blue’s Event Center in Elizabeth, Colorado on that VERY hot day in September. I must say, I am glad it was hot and not snowing. In Colorado, you just never know!

The girls and I (along with dedicated and wonderful second shooter/husband, Kevin) got to the bride’s suite and loved the energy. Everyone in there was laughing and carefree- the best environment to get ready for the best day ever!

We spent time shuttling between the grooms suite and the brides suite to capture getting ready and those fun moments with the loved ones. As everyone was dressed and ready, Trista did a very special first look with her grandparents. It was an emotional moment and a lot of damp eyes in the room- including my own!

Finally it was time for the ceremony. Everyone lined up and was ready for the beginning of the ceremony. The bridal party was gorgeous and even the smallest members of the day did amazing. Everyone made it down the aisle and waited for Trista and her parents to join Josh at the alter.

As we all expected, Josh got emotional watching his bride walking toward him. I could tell they both truly realized that THIS was the moment they had been waiting for for so long. The ceremony went on and was officiated by a family member of Josh’s. That made the ceremony feel extra special and personalized. Finally the moment came where they exchanged vows, rings and their first kiss as a married couple! Now to begin the best part, their MARRIAGE!

Trista wanted to focus on portraits of her and Josh. We absolutely made magic with the time that we had. We spent some time over by the ceremony location and then went down into a beautiful grassy field that allowed us wide open views. In our final moments, Trista requested a road photo. We raced to the car and all piled in! The images that we did on the road, in between racing out of the way for cars, turned out to be some of my absolute favorites.

The rest of the night passed in wonderful merriment as both families really know how to have a good time. I felt like one of the family and had the best time dancing, laughing and celebrating the creation of the newest Egan family.

Josh & Trista, a tiny bit of marriage advice for you both. Always make the effort. You are a team, and it is each of your job to help keep the balance. Marriage and love is not always sunshine and rainbows. There will be storms to weather. Remember what caused you to fall in love and always be willing to put in the work to keep your relationship strong. I know you have endless love for each other, and I cannot wait to see how your life continues to unfold. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day, it was an honor to witness this chapter begin. I love you both.

Mad props to the amazing vendor team. It was a joy to work with everyone. I am so grateful for the people who helped pull off this gorgeous day for Josh & Trista!

Josh & Trista, I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon in Mexico and now are really enjoying married life! Love you both!

xoxoxoxoxoxox- Brenda

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