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Mercedes & Ryland:

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I met Mercedes and Ryland two years ago at a group of my fall minis! They were eloping and wanted to do a “first look” during their mini session to get some classic wedding photos. We had a lot of fun laughing and talking. They are such a sweet couple I was thrilled when Mercedes reached out for a full session for when I was going to be in Colorado!

We went down to Colorado Springs and wandered two gorgeous locations for beautiful portraits. They had great outfit choices that really played into their laid back vibe.

They brought their dog Tonto, a Belgian Malinois. Tonto is such a good boy! And yes, he got his name from The Lone Ranger. We had such a wonderful time catching up, taking photos, and they didn’t even make fun of me when I realized we took the WRONG path to the spot we had planned. We ended up with beautiful scenic photos anyway!

Here is a little information about these two lovebirds!

How did you and your husband meet?
We met in our churches youth group 💕

Tell me about yourselves: jobs, hobbies, etc
We love to go hiking and kayaking with our spare time!

Tell me about your personalities! Are you peas in a pod or total opposites?
I am the more emotional one and he is more of the protector and thoughtful one

Tell me your love story!
He saved me from an uncomfortable situation and so we started talking. For our first date he took me to my favorite place, TACO BELL then to see a movie.

How long did you date before you knew he/she was the one?
Mercedes: right away!!
Ryland: Even before our first date.

What do you admire most about each other?
Mercedes: how driven and motivated he is
Ryland: that despite bad things that have happened she is still full of joy.

What is the ONE thing you want to remember most about your love story?
How even through hard times love can prevail

What is your ideal date night? Night on the town, or snuggle on the couch?
Good food, good movies, and a good hike!

What do you hope for each other in the future?
I hope that we continue to grow and face everything life throws at us together.

Thank you again Mercedes & Ryland, for our wonderful session and the amazing dinner after! I had such a great time catching up with you. I can’t wait to see you guys the next time I am back in Colorado.

xoxoxox- Brenda

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