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Allie & Raegan: Fall 2022

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My poor girls. They are SO over my constant need to have portraits of them. I drag them out all of the time to get “new” photos. I promise, someday they will be SO happy they have all of these memories. As a new season appears, I have to get their fall portraits.

I am a triplet. And my parents had their hands full enough that I don’t have a ton of photos of my childhood. I have some, but my lack of photos contribute to the overzealous approach I have taken with my own kiddos. (and my life to be honest)

Even before kids, I used to make my sister take endless photos of Kevin and me together. And, I also made her let me take photos of her and her (now) husband.

One random afternoon, my sister in law texted me asking for photos of the girls that she could print for home and her office. I could have sent her some of the other thousand I had taken in the last three months. But instead, I got them dressed and took advantage of the pretty leaf colors and mild temperatures.

We wandered just down the block for some and finished up across the street for the rest of their fall portraits.

It is so hard for me to believe that Allie is five and a half now, and Raegan is four. I swear it was just yesterday that I was taking Allie’s six month portraits, and Rae’s newborn photos. Time goes so quickly, and I will never regret taking advantage of my ability to get beautiful portraits of them.

xoxoxox- Brenda

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