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Charleston, South Carolina: June 2022

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Kevin and I were married in Charleston, South Carolina in 2014. We absolutely love everything about it! We fell in love with the history, climate, beauty, hospitality and food the first time we visited in January 2013. We try to make a point to visit once a year, but sometimes that just isn’t possible.

The beginning of 2022, I started to discuss the idea of a parents only vacation to Charleston. I asked my sister (who had a million other things to deal with) if she would watch the girls for a few days so Kevin and I could visit. She somehow agreed and we booked our plane and hotel!

Kevin and I went for four days and wouldn’t you believe it, we got sick. Kevin first started feeling bad the first night we were there and the poor thing was miserable the entire time we were there. Thankfully I didn’t get sick until the day before we came home. We went to the doctor three out of the four days we were there. Tested negative for everything they tested us for, and bought $300 in over the counter medication- we made the best of it! While our trip didn’t go exactly as we had planned or hoped, we still had fun together and spent special time together.

We spent the majority of the time wandering downtown. Kevin and I visited White Point Park, The Battery, Rainbow Row, Pineapple Fountain, St Michaels, and so many other various historic side streets. The beauty of the area never disappoints, I highly recommend making a trip if you have never been. Whenever we have gone, the people are so kind, the weather is gorgeous (a bit hot and humid in the summer), and the food is AMAZING! Even though we have been so many times and still have found new awesome restaurants to try. I have not been disappointed yet.

We went to the beach a few times, and took special cute photos around downtown with my tripod. It probably looked weird to bystanders. I was determined to get photos together downtown! Stay tuned for the photos of our special vow renewal we did at the beach on sunrise.

xoxoxoxoxox- Brenda

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