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Froelich Family:

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Whenever I am able, I LOVE to turn moments into lasting memories. For me, especially as a mom who cannot believe how fast the last five years have gone, it is so special to freeze time as much as I can. I truly believe my clients want the same thing. Sure, that perfect photo for the Christmas card is great too, but the in between is what is really special.

These sweet people are my family. (Some of them at least) Jackie is my triplet sister, and her husband Jake has blended into our family seamlessly (aside from the fact that cooking is nearly impossible for these four- hooray celiac disease!) They have two sweet babes, James (4) and Jenna (almost 3) and getting to spend so much time together this summer was really important to me.

The Froelich family had a LOT going on this spring/summer. Jake accepted a new job in April, that was 2.5 hours from where they had JUST moved 7 months prior. But, it is his dream opportunity so they worked together and made it happen. That included a LOT of time on the road for Jake and a lot of “solo” parenting for Jackie. They found a rental that they moved in to after their “new/old” house was sold in July. That was closer for Jake to commute, but they were ready to get into THEIR house. They closed on their new new house and officially got the keys mid August. They have been BUSY making changes, like all new flooring, painting EVERY room and just general life mayhem. I think I just got some grey hairs writing this! Taking these portraits was a special “going away” session for me, but also an added bonus of new artwork for their house. Jackie, when life settles in a bit, I EXPECT to see these hanging on the walls!

Anyway, here are the cuties of the Froelich Family. Aunt B loves you guys!

xoxoxo- Brenda

  1. Jackie Froelich says:

    Thank you so much! We love them! I hope to get some printed out soon!

    It looks so crazy to see it all written out, let’s just say- 2022 has been one hell of a year. 🤣

  2. Cousin Deb Thurmon Hirt says:

    Beautiful photos of your sister’s beautiful family! You have the magic touch!

    (Don’t send me an email. I no longer read them.)

    • Brenda Price says:

      Thank you Deb! It was fun to get to be Auntie B in person! The kiddos always think I am a special treat because I am around only sometimes and normally not for very long! Thank goodness for FaceTime and social media to keep up with the day to day! <3

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