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Sam & Lauren:

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Okay you guys, meet some of the SWEETEST people ever, Sam & Lauren. I will start this post with the disclaimer that I was SO NERVOUS going into this session. Backstory, Lauren’s mom was my kindergarten, first grade, 7th & 8th grade teacher. So, I have had a lot of interaction with the Trimble side of the family. Lauren was also one of my very first campers at 4H camp at Allerton Park in Monticello when she was 8. I was a camp counselor during the summers in high school. Lauren and I were best friends during camp, she and I used to sing Taylor Swift songs together! Unfortunately, I didn’t know Sam going into this session, I knew of him, but we had never actually met. Because of how wonderful these people are, I wanted to make sure this session was extra wonderful for them.

We spent time catching up and me getting to know Sam. These two just radiate love. It is pure and simple and joyful and amazing. I knew Lauren as an eight year old and I loved her then, knowing her all grown up- I love her still. She has grown into a very intelligent, funny, observant, sweet and loving woman. Sam has the full package with her.

Truthfully, Sam is just as wonderful. I may not have known him as an eight year old, but I can see how much he loves Lauren. He is funny- and not in a generic way, but a way that has you still smiling thinking about his sense of humor later. He is quick to help, support and love. I could see the way he cherishes his relationship with Lauren. They truly love each other and are a perfect match.

Lauren & Sam started dating as fourteen year olds! I love that they just knew so young. I can absolutely relate to that love story. They got engaged in July 2020 in the Fu Dog Garden with a custom ring, which contains a family diamond as a center stone. Sam said the Fu Dog Garden is still a traumatic place for him! I wasn’t there when he proposed but he definitely made it sound like he had been nervous!

These two got married on New Year’s Eve this year. A perfect beginning of a new year, and a new chapter as husband and wife.

I was so thankful to get to work with them on this beautiful May evening. We had rescheduled a few times due to weather, and honestly we were blessed with the best night. Gorgeous light, decent breeze and not too hot of temperatures! And after a week in the mid nineties, we were happy for a brief reprieve!

We spent the evening wandering around Allerton Park, chatting and taking beautiful images. These two were total champs and did not even blink at my wacky ideas. They did everything I asked, even if Sam was not sure he was in love with the idea of MORE pictures. They were both amazing and I am so happy we got to spend the evening together. The exceptional Dairy Queen Blizzard they treated me to was icing on the cake.

Lauren & Sam, you were a joy to work with and I am so happy we got to catch up. I can’t wait to watch your future unfold. Love you both!

Alright, enough talking, enjoy Lauren & Sam!

Let me know what you all think in the comments!

xoxoxox- Brenda

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